Townsville Dalrymple Squash and SM Squash Eagles  Junior Squad


Children participating in sport is not only vital for the community but also vital for improving social interaction, decision making skills, negotiation skills, emotional skills self-development and confidence. Children have a right to play sport and therefore have a right to play sport on their terms.  What does this mean? Children don’t want to stress about winning, stress about being grown up, stress about making sure they are doing a good job to impress their parents or others. Children don’t want to be lectured or punished because they missed that shot or missed that tackle or for coming last in a race, they want to be encouraged and told that it’s the effort that counts and to not give up. Children just want to play and that is what sport offers, a chance to play and just be kids.

My belief and my approach is fun, communication and encouragement. My coaching and mentoring style is much more than teaching kids to win and to get them to the top, it’s about instilling a culture, a belief, respect that they can use in everyday life not just sport. Too much focus these days is on grooming children to be like adults from a young age when it comes to sport. Kids learn more efficiently by being kids doing what kids do with guidance and set boundaries.

My development plan is designed to encourage effort, belief and persistence. I teach my children that the only bad failure is the failure of not trying. This development plan will encourage kids to make decisions, forget failures and persist, persist, persist. It will build resilience or mental toughness, a belief attitude and champion not only as a sports person but as a human being. 

This programme is designed for every child as talent is not just about how good you are or how fast you are or how you can beat all the other kids, it is about the attitude, the belief, the effort and the sportsmanship they portray. Talent is so much more and can be best recognized by getting to know the individual.

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