Starting 4th December 2017

Dalrymple Squash Centre and SM Squash don’t just play squash, we grow squash, promote squash, believe in squash. We are passionate about bringing squash to everyone and we are passionate about our people because you the people, the players and the supporters are what squash is about. Join our new leagues the HOT30 Super Series and the CHALLENGE20 Social Series today and be a part of something special right here in Townsville.
HOT30 SUPER  SERIES (c) Scott Menta 2016
CHALLENGE20 Social Series (c) Scott Menta 2016
Starting  4 December 2017

•Here we go Townsville, the squash competition seen no where else . It will be fast paced, tactical and full of twists. It will improve your squash game and your fitness. It is challenging and only for the experienced.  So if your currently A or B grade click below and join this new exciting format. This is a is a 4 week pre season comp and if it is successful may be placed on the fixture calendar for 2017. Dates are 5th, 12th and 19th of December 2017 and  9th of January 2018.  Contact for more details and pricing. 

Spots are filling fast

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